Beretta 92 FS

Originally designed for the Italian army and police, the Model 92 pistols earned most of their fame as the standard sidearm of the US military. This model has production of many variants in different calibers continues today. The FS model has an enlarged hammer pin that fits into a groove on the underside of the slide.

The reason is that it was designed and has kept evolving to be and remain the most accurate, durable and reliable semi-auto handgun on the market. Beretta 92 FS is easy to use, absolutely safe and delivering impressive firepower.


Weapon type:semi-automatic pistol
Weight:0.95 kg
Calibre & cartridge:9×19mm
Capacity:15 rounds
Effective range:50 m
Manufacturer:Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta
In service:1975–present
Muzzle velocity:381 m/s (1,250 ft/s)